The International Journal of Population Data Science (IJPDS) is an electronic, open-access, peer-reviewed journal focussing on the science pertaining to population data.

It publishes articles on all aspects of research, development and evaluation connected with data about people and populations. These include:

  • Accessing distributed data
  • Analytical advances
  • Architectures and infrastructures
  • Capacity building
  • Delivering and measuring impact
  • Data and linkage quality
  • Epidemiology
  • Ethical, legal and societal implications (ELSI)
  • Legal and regulatory issues
  • Linking to emerging/complex data types
  • Outcomes-based research
  • Privacy-protection methodologies
  • Public involvement and engagement
  • Service evaluations
  • Technological advances in data storage and management
  • Using big data

The creation of the IJPDS was inspired by the International Population Data Linkage Network (IPDLN). The journal has a regular section for topics of particular interest to the IPDLN sub-edited by the Director(s) of the network.

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The RCUK* stipulates that journals must meet the following criteria for publication:

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At IJPDS we value research that truly impacts society. We are uniquely committed to connecting academia with the public and keeping them informed of exciting new research as it unfolds.

Working to bridge the gap between academic research and the public

The IJPDS' innovative model brings a new dimension to the traditional academic journal format by informing the public of the latest research and providing authors opportunities for direct impact and even greater visibility.

Engage directly with the public for maximum impact via The Conversation

In the field of Population Data Science, arguably the most important audience for your work are the ultimate beneficiaries, the public. This is where IJPDS authors can create the greatest impact of all.

To help authors disseminate the complex content of manuscripts published in IJPDS to this audience, we offer a service through The Conversation, which is an influential and independent channel for research news and views. Articles selected from the academic and research community for publishing in The Conversation are delivered directly to the public in an easy to understand general reader format, prepared by the authors from their original published manuscript.

The Conversation is truly international with Editors based in the UK, Australia, US, Africa and France, that are working with more than 55,000 specialist scholars and researchers. It is a not-for-profit, open access educational entity that provides a free on-line resource to help provide the public with clarity and insight into society's biggest problems.

Watch this video to find out how Emily Marchant, PhD Researcher from Swansea University, benefited from writing for The Conversation, or follow this link to find out more about The Conversation and to see previously published articles.

Why impact matters

The importance of impact beyond the world of academia cannot be underestimated. The ability to demonstrate the contribution of your research to and its influence on society

  1. is essential to securing future funding in an increasingly competitive market
  2. aids career progression through e.g. REF, University KPIs, PDRs and other HEIs
  3. helps develop your profile as a researcher specialising in a particular area
  4. aids networking and future collaboration
  5. has the potential to influence public policy

The Conversation can help IJPDS authors to achieve essential impact. Articles are disseminated to more than 22,000 sites worldwide, giving a global reach of 35 million readers a month, and The Conversation is a primary resource for up-to-the-minute content for the press, web, radio and TV.

Put simply, The Conversation unlocks the knowledge of researchers and academics allowing for better understanding of complex issues and a better quality of public discourse and conversations.

How to write for The Conversation

We encourage every author that publishes a manuscript in IJPDS to take full advantage of the service offered through The Conversation. As soon as your manuscript is published, we will contact you by email offering you the possibility of writing an article for The Conversation.

For authors wanting to take advantage of this service, we will forward your published manuscript* to IJPDS' designated Editor at The Conversation who will review the suitability of the content. Successful applicants will then be introduced directly to the Editor who will work closely with them to create the finished article.

*This service is available for manuscripts that undergo a full peer-review process with IJPDS

As an e-journal, IJPDS has the flexibility to publish approved manuscripts immediately without having to wait for each Issue.

As soon as a manuscript is ready, we ensure that your work is instantly available to the right audience via Open Access giving authors the greatest possibility of citations.

IJPDS benefits from an established specialist global audience spanning six continents within the field of population data science through its strategic partner, the International Population Data Linkage Network (IPDLN). We publish articles from around the world in order to highlight how the field of population data science is impacting societies globally.

IJPDS publishes research of interest to a number of sectors including:

  • Academia and research institutes
  • Governments
  • Healthcare and hospitals
  • Third sector organisations
  • Private sector organisations (e.g. Information Technology, Manufacturing, Consultancies)
  • Life Sciences

Our established readership spans a broad spectrum of specialist areas within population data science. Here is an example of the types of experts included in the Journal's readership:

  • Government officials
  • The public
  • Regulators
  • Academics (scholars, researchers, students)
  • Information governance professionals
  • Data Scientists
  • Statisticians
  • Epidemiologists and public health workers
  • Social scientists
  • Technologists (computer and information sciences)
  • Public Engagement professionals
  • Media

The IJPDS has a particular interest in engaging with the public, the ultimate beneficiaries of population data science research, which sets us apart from other scientific journals.

We value research within the field of population data science that truly impacts society and are uniquely committed to connecting academia with the public to keep them informed of exciting new research as it unfolds.

At IJPDS we appreciate that good quality research is presented in different formats.

The Journal distinguishes itself by accepting a broad range of submission formats that may be out of scope for other academic journals. These include:

  • Research articles
  • Review articles
  • Protocol papers
  • Methodological developments
  • Applied papers
  • Case studies
  • Features on a particular topic
  • Commentaries
  • Comments and letters
  • Reports of events
  • Working papers
  • General reader summaries of complex topics
  • Help-sheets and tips
  • Informative reports
  • Consultations

From 1st January 2018 all manuscript submissions will be subject to Article Processing Charges (APCs). However, we are delighted to be able to offer a 30% discount on all manuscript submissions for the first 12 months*. Please view the author guidelines for individual prices.

Whilst we are committed to keeping our APCs competitively priced for our authors, we must ensure the sustainability of IJPDS by covering all costs associated with the open access publishing process, from initial submission through to final publication and promotional activities.

Therefore, we will only ever charge what is necessary for the welfare of the journal and the satisfaction of its contributing authors.

Follow this link for details of the IJPDS Article Processing Charges

*1st January to 31st December 2018

In 2017, IJPDS received an overwhelming response to both the general and special issue calls for manuscripts. As a result, we need to increase the size and complexity of our review panel.

Population Data Science spans numerous fields and whilst we welcome anyone working within PDS to join, we have particular interest in recruiting experts in the following areas:

  • Analysis of free-text data
  • Architectures and infrastructures
  • Clinical IT systems
  • Data protection legislation and regulation
  • Disease registers
  • Ethics and ELSI (ethical, legal & societal implications)
  • GIS (geographic information systems) / spatial data analysis
  • Information / data governance
  • Information security
  • Metadata development
  • Privacy-preserving methodologies, including SDC (statistical disclosure control) and PPRL (privacy-preserving record linkage)
  • PROMs (Patient reported outcome measures)
  • Public engagement
  • Survey data
  • Use of apps

How to get involved?

If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer and joining our international panel of PDS experts, then now is a great time to seize the opportunity to get involved whilst the call is open.

All you need to do is email us directly using with your name, organisation, area/s of expertise, and contact details.

All peer-reviewers who go on to publish a manuscript in IJPDS within 12 months of conducting a review will be awarded a 50% discount on the standard article processing charges.*

We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

*To qualify for the 50% discount, a reviewer must conduct a thorough peer-review upon request, and then submit an article within 12 months of completing the review. Requests to review articles are based upon the areas of expertise required for the content of a particular manuscript and therefore, we cannot guarantee that every IJPDS peer-reviewer will qualify for this offer.

Sharing the data that accompanies your published research is a positive growing trend for the research community. Whilst we recognise that it is not always possible to share all data openly for ethical or confidentiality reasons, IJPDS encourages the sharing of non-sensitive raw data along with details of the software used wherever possible.

Why Share Research Data?

Benefits to the research community – Datasets are valuable to the research community and re-use of data avoids duplication of effort and the associated costs. This, in turn, can stimulate further research.

Benefits to the public – Stimulating further research through data sharing wherever possible is in the public’s interest as it can help accelerate the pace of research and its subsequent impact.

Satisfying Funders – Research funders are increasingly stipulating the sharing of data as a requirement. For example, in the UK, RCUK require the inclusion of a statement on data availability within academic papers. For full guidance see: RCUK Common Principles on Data Policy

Increase research impact – Publishing your data is not only a good way of demonstrating that you were the first to conduct the research, but if your data is re-used, then you will benefit from citations in addition to the accompanying article.

Scientific Integrity – Sharing data allows others to replicate, validate, and correct your results thereby adding to the integrity of the science.

For details on how and where to submit your data, please refer to the Author Guidelines.

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IJPDS is now accepting new submissions and publishes on a continual basis. To submit a manuscript, you will be asked to register. IJPDS accepts a wide variety of manuscript types. Please refer to the author guidelines for the full list.

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issue cover

Factors associated with screen-detected breast cancer across five Canadian provinces: a CanIMPACT study

Mary McBride, Marcy Winget, Patti Groome, Kathleen Decker, Cynthia Kendell, Alyson Mahar, Eva Grunfeld
Published online: Aug 20, 2018

Principles and operational model for governing Diabetes Action Canada's data repository for patient-oriented research

Donald Willison, Joslyn Trowbridge, Frank Sullivan, Karim Keshavjee, Michelle Greiver
Published online: Aug 20, 2018

Linked data and inclusion health: Harmonised international data linkage to identify determinants of health inequalities

Jesse Young, Rohan Borschmann, Ximena Camacho, Josh Knight, Fiona Kouyoumdjian, Naveed Janjua, June Atkinson, Stuart Kinner
Published online: Aug 20, 2018

Commercial use of health data in the dock – results of a public “trial”

Mary Tully, Lamiece Hassan, Malcolm Oswald, John Ainsworth
Published online: Aug 20, 2018

Linking cohort data with administrative health data to develop a new hypertension prediction model to aid precision health approach

Mohammad Chowdhury, Tanvir Turin, Alex Leung, Maeve O’Beirne, Khokan Sikdar, Hude Quan
Published online: Aug 20, 2018

Qualifying information on the deaths and serious injuries caused by road traffic in five Brazilian capitals using record linkage

Polyana Mandacaru, Otaliba Libânio Morais Neto, Ana Lucia Andradde, Marli Souza, Fernanda Aguiar
Published online: Aug 20, 2018

Impact of linkage quality on inferences drawn from analyses using imperfectly matched data with high rates of linkage errors

Christopher Rentsch, Georges Reniers, Katie Harron, Richard Machemba, Baltazar Mtenga, Denna Michael, Chodziwadziwa Kabudula, Redempta Natalis, Mark Urassa, Jim Todd, Basia Zaba
Published online: Aug 20, 2018

Avoidable mortality among parents whose children were placed in care in Sweden: A retrospective matched cohort study

Elizabeth Wall-Wieler, Bo Vinnerljung, Can Liu, Leslie Roos, Anders Hjern
Published online: Aug 20, 2018

Estimating the effect of referral for nephrology care on the survival of adults with advanced chronic kidney disease in a real-world clinical setting

Ping Liu, Mohammad Ehsanul Karim, Paul E Ronksley, Brenda R Hemmelgarn, Hude Quan, Robert R Quinn, Pietro Ravani
Published online: Aug 20, 2018

Factors associated with the breast cancer diagnostic interval across five Canadian provinces: a CanIMPACT study

Mary McBride, Patti Groome, Kathleen Decker, Eva Grunfeld, Li Jiang, Cynthia Kendell, Robin Urquhart, Khanh Vu, Marcy Winget
Published online: Aug 21, 2018

School readiness of maltreated children: Timing, type, and chronicity of maltreatment

Megan Bell, Donna Bayliss, Rebecca Glauert, Jeneva Ohan
Published online: Aug 21, 2018

Factors predicting out-of-school suspensions for young children

Megan Bell, Donna Bayliss, Rebecca Glauert, Jeneva Ohan
Published online: Aug 21, 2018

Varenicline is More Effective than Nicotine Replacement Therapy During Pregnancy: Findings from the Smoking MUMS (Maternal Use of Medications and Safety) Study

Stephanie KY Choi, Duong T Tran, David B Preen, Deborah Randall, Anna Kemp-Casey, Kristjana Einarsdottir, Louisa R Jorm, Alys Havard
Published online: Aug 21, 2018

Linking pharmacy dispensing data to other administrative health datasets to measure the compliance and effectiveness of RSV immunoprophylaxis

Hannah Moore, Tobias Strunk, Tasnim Abdalla, Tom Snelling, Peter Richmond, Anthony Keil, Nicholas de Klerk
Published online: Aug 21, 2018

Public engagement with cohort participants in Scotland and India: How do participants want to shape mental health research?

Dorota Chapko, Jessica Butler, Corri Black, Marjorie Johnston, Caroline Fall, Kalyanaraman Kumaran, Ghattu V Krishnaveni, Murali Murali
Published online: Aug 21, 2018

Prevalence and incidence of diagnosed hypertension in Alberta, Canada

Hannah Holitzki, Hude Quan, Fiona Clement, Alex Leung, Zhiyang Liang
Published online: Aug 21, 2018

Primary health care engagement among marginalized people who use drugs in Ottawa, Canada

Jessy Donelle, Ahmed Bayoumi, Lisa Boucher, Alana Martin, Dave Pineau, Nicola Diliso, Brad Renaud, Rob Boyd, Pam Oickle, Zack Marshall, Sean LeBlanc, Mark Tyndall, Claire Kendall
Published online: Aug 21, 2018

Comparing five comorbidity indices to predict mortality in chronic kidney disease

Eric McArthur, Sarah Bota, Manish Sood, Gihad Nesrallah, Joseph Kim, Amit Garg, Stephanie Dixon
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Evaluating area-based socioeconomic status predictors of pediatric health outcomes in Manitoba

Kristine Kroeker, Atul Sharma, Dan Chateau, Marni Brownell, Celia Rodd
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Patient Experiences with Cardiac Surgery in Alberta, Canada: Results from a Validated Survey

Kyle Kemp, Maria Santana, Merril Knudtson, Elizabeth Oddone Paolucci, Hude Quan
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Mortality among single fathers as compared with single mothers and partnered fathers: a cohort study

Maria Chiu, Farah Rahman, Simone Vigod, Cindy Lau, John Cairney, Paul Kurdyak
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Use of Large Data Sets in Evaluating Program Outcome in Pediatric Hearing Loss

Sarah Spruin, Janet Olds, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Laura Rosella, Stuart Nicholls, Marie Pigeon, JoAnne Whittingham, James MacDougall, David Schramm, Eric Benchimol
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

No Strings Attached: The Impact of an Unconditional Prenatal Income Supplement on First Nations Birth and Early Childhood Outcomes

Marni Brownell, Mariette Chartier, Nathan Nickel, Rhonda Campbell, Jennifer Enns, Wanda Phillips-Beck, Dan Chateau, Elaine Burland, Joykrishna Sarkar, Janelle Boram Lee
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

The Overlap Between the Child Welfare and Youth Justice Systems in Manitoba, Canada

Marni Brownell, Nathan Nickel, Lorna Turnbull, Wendy Au, Leonard MacWilliam, Oke Ekuma, Jeff Valdivia, Scott McCulloch, Janelle Boram Lee
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Scalable Secure Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage (PPRL) Methods Using Cloud-based Infrastructure

Toan Ong, Ibrahim Lazrig, Indrajit Ray, Indrakshi Ray, Michael Kahn
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Population survival impact of new targeted and immune based therapies for metastatic or unresectable melanoma

Paul Nguyen, Tara Baetz, Christopher Booth, Elizabeth Eisenhauer, Timothy Hanna
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Using Large Date to Present Uncertainty for Risk Prediction in the Era of Precision Medicine: The RESPECT Algorithm for Predicted Death at End-of-Life

Sarah Spruin, Amy Hsu, Robert Talarico, Yulric Sequeira, Monica Taljaard, Carol Bennett, Peter Tanuseputro, Doug Manuel
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Linking the Narcotics Monitoring System Database to Quantify the Contribution of Prescribed and Non-Prescribed Opioids to Opioid Overdoses in Ontario, Canada

Diana Martins, Samantha Singh, Wayne Khuu, Mina Tadrous, Michael Paterson, David Juurlink, Muhammad Mamdani, Tara Gomes
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Power of Linked Administrative Data

Hesam Izakian, Hitesh Bhatt, Robert Jagodzinski, Leslie Twilley, Xinjie Cui
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Identifying vulnerable population groups: On-time infant vaccination coverage in Australia

Hannah Moore, Parveen Fathima, Heather Gidding, Nicholas de Klerk, Bette Liu, Vicky Sheppeard
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Screening Women in Glasgow: Comparing uptake across cancer screening programmes at an individual patient level

Richard Papworth, Colin McCowan, Paula McSkimming, Marie Kotzur, Alex McConnachie, Sara MacDonald, Sally Wyke, Emilia Crighton, David Weller, Christine Campbell, Robert JC Steele, Katie Robb
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Trajectory of service use among young Albertans with complex needs

Hesam Izakian, Xinjie Cui, Suzanne Tough
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Using Free Text From Medical Notes To Enrich a Longitudinal Cohort Study

Kerry Humphries, Amy Davies, Yvonne Wren, Jonathan Sandy
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Utilizing population-based clinical and administrative data to explore the relevance of frailty to cholinesterase inhibitor use and discontinuation at nursing home transition.

Laura Maclagan, Colleen Maxwell, Jun Guan, Michael Campitelli, Nathan Herrmann, Kate Lapane, David Hogan, Joseph Amuah, Dallas Seitz, Sudeep Gill, Susan Bronskill
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Impact of clinical subtypes of preterm birth on child health and development

Amy Metcalfe, Paul Brown, Carly McMorris, Kathleen Chaput, Maria Ospina, Kaylee Ramage, Radha Chari, Doug Wilson
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Data Linkage for Optimizing Rectal Cancer Care in Alberta

Quynh Le, Lorraine Shack, Adam Elwi, Francesca Coutinho, Ryan Rochon, Todd Mcmullen, Donald Buie
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Creating the Framework for Cross-Sector Health Analysis for Local Communities

Heather Richards, Kim Varas, Samantha Magnus, Jinhwa Oh, Christine Voggenreiter
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Preterm birth, unplanned hospital contact and mortality in infants born to teenage mothers in five countries: a cross-country comparison using linked administrative data

Katie Harron, Maximiliane Verfuerden, Ibinabo Ibiebele, Can Liu, Alex Kopp, Astrid Guttmann, Jane Ford, Jan van der Meulen, Anders Hjern, Ruth Gilbert
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Quantifying inequalities in mortality in Australia: the value of linked Census-morality data

Rosemary Korda, Nicholas Biddle, James Eynstone-Hinkins, Emily Banks, John Lynch, Naomi Priest
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Data Byte: An Insight on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Educational Achievement

Carley Piatt, Navjot Lamba, Ruiting Jia, Christine Werk
Published online: Aug 23, 2018

Calgary Thrives: Data sharing and linkage in the not-for-profit sector.

Robert Jagodzinski, Katharin Pritchard, Jason Lau, Sandy Berzins, Robert Perry, Komal Jafri, Debra Armstrong, Lily Pang
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

SAGE: supporting secondary data analysis and expediting knowledge mobilization with linked administrative, service delivery, and research data

Yunqi Zhang, Hannah Lloyd-Jones, Robert Jagodzinski, Poliana Barbosa, Jason Lau, Xinjie Cui
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

Education and social service use patterns of children and youth with neurodevelopmental disorders

Ruiting Jia, Christine Werk, Daniel O'Brien, Robert Jagodzinski, Carley Piatt
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

The Cycle of Child Protection Services Involvement: A Cohort Study of Adolescent Mothers

Elizabeth Wall-Wieler, Marni Brownell, Deepa Singal, Nathan Nickel, Leslie Roos
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

Linkage Quality Assessment for Anonymously linked Administrative Data.

Hitesh Bhatt, Robert Jagodzinski, Allison N Scott, Leslie Twilley, Xinjie Cui
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

Development of a Concept Dictionary to Standardize Definitions and Classifications While Working With a Common Repository of Linked Administrative Data

Erin Macdonald, Anna Chu, Michelle Cooper, Ruth Croxford, Raquel Duchen, Kinwah Fung, Sima Gandhi, Jodi Gatley, Fiona Jin, Wayne Khuu, Alex Kopp, Laura Maclagan, Joan Porter, Robert Stumpo, Ali Syed Zaidi, Mahmoud Azimaee
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

Progress with Access to Cross-jurisdictional Linked Data in Australia

Natalie Wray, Felicity Flack, Merran Smith
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

Osteoporosis and fracture risk - a linked data study in Wales

Laura North, Llion Davies, Damon Berridge, Angharad Walters, Ashley Akbari, Ronan Lyons
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

Childhood Mental Disorders and Subsequent Adverse Outcomes in Early Adulthood: A Population-Based Longitudinal Study

Mariette Chartier, James Bolton, Oke Ekuma, Natalie Mota, Jennifer Hensel, Leonard MacWilliam, Yao Nie, Chelsey McDougall
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

Using Administrative Data to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Home Visiting Programs for Improving the Well-Being of First Nations Children and Parents

Mariette Chartier, Marni Brownell, Nathan Nickel, Rhonda Campbell, Wanda Phillips-Beck, Jennifer Enns, Joykrishna Sarkar, Elaine Burland, Dan Chateau
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

Using routinely collected laboratory and health administrative data to assess influenza vaccine effectiveness: introducing the Flu and Other Respiratory Viruses Research (FOREVER) Cohort

Jeff Kwong, Sarah Buchan, Hannah Chung, Michael Campitelli, Kevin Schwartz, Natasha Crowcroft, Michael Jackson, Timothy Karnauchow, Kevin Katz, Allison McGeer, Dayre McNally, David Richardson, Susan Richardson, Laura Rosella, Andrew Simor, Marek Smieja, George Zahariadis, Jonathan Gubbay
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

When does the increased mortality risk appear in rheumatoid arthritis? A distributed data analysis comparing mortality in two Canadian provinces

Jessica Widdifield, Sasha Bernatsky, Anjie Huang, Michael Paterson, Eric C Sayre, Diane Lacaille
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

Supporting the timely, easy and cost effective access to high-quality linked data via the Custodian-Controlled Data Repository

Matthias Schneider, Chris Radbone, Andrew Stanley, Anthony Woollacott, Timothy Churches, James Farrow, Paul Basso, Tina Hardin, Martin McNamara, James Harrison
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

Validating health conditions in a clinical registry using administrative data algorithms

Lisa Lix, Lisa Zhang, Lin Yan, Tolu Sajobi, Richard Sawatzky, Eric Bohm
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

International Journal Population Data Science: development and future directions

Kerina Jones, Kim McGrail, Rainer Schnell, Claudia Coeli, Stephanie Lee
Published online: Aug 24, 2018

A framework to facilitate interprovincial sharing of secondary health data in Canada

Robin Urquhart, Donna Curtis Maillet, Bev White, Jeanne MacDougall
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Automated Referral to Cardiac Rehabilitation following Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting is associated with limited improvements in program completion: a large cohort study

Hongwei Liu, Stephen Wilton, Danielle Southern, Merril Knudtson, Andrew Maitland, Trina Hauer, Ross Arena, James Stone, Sandeep Aggarwal, Billie-Jean Martin
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Integrating Ontario Health and Social Services Data to for Research and Policy Development

Mandeep Flora, Sujitha Ratnasingham, Aki Tefera, J. Charles Victor, Michael Schull
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Data Services for Cohort Studies: Increasing the impact of existing research studies and epidemiological readiness

Laura North, Christopher Orton, John Gallacher, Ronan Lyons, David Ford, Simon Thompson, Sarah Bauermeister, Ashley Akbari
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Using natural language processing to extract structured epilepsy data from unstructured clinic letters

Beata Fonferko-Shadrach, Arron Lacey, Ashley Akbari, Simon Thompson, David Ford, Ronan Lyons, Mark Rees, Owen Pickrell
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) Data Portal - World-leading infrastructure facilitating innovative multi-modal research

Christopher Orton, John Gallacher, Ronan Lyons, David Ford, Simon Thompson, Clare Mackay, Julie Williams, Sarah Bauermeister, Georgina Menzies, Matthew South, Justin Biddle, Michael Bale, Laura North
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Breast cancer care in Alberta: a Patients perspective

Alysha Crocker, Susan Anderes, Linda Verbeek, Janice Chobanuk, David W Olson, John Kortbeek, Adam Elwi, Stafford Dean, Angela Estey, May Lynn Quan
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Child Health Clinical Outcome Review Programme: The Mental Healthcare of Young People and Young Adults

Sophie Wood, Sarah Rees, Ting Wang, Amanda Marchant, Ashley Akbari, Ann John
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

A National Population-Based E-cohort of People with Psychosis (PsyCymru) Linkage of Phenotypical and Genetic Data to Routinely Collected Records

Keith Lloyd, Ann John, Nick Craddock, James Walters, David Linden, Ian Jones, Richard Bentall, Ronan Lyons, Sze Chim Lee, Michael Owen
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Is Participation in Out-of-School Programs Linked to Students’ Health, Educational and Social Outcomes?

Jennifer Enns, Marni Brownell, Alan Katz, Nathan Nickel, Yao Nie
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Methods for identifying health state transitions from administrative data: the case of metastasis in prostate cancer

Nicholas Mitsakakis, Karen Bremner, Ruth Croxford, Lusine Abrahamyan, Welson Ryan, Steven Carcone, Murray Krahn
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

A National Concept Dictionary

Mahmoud Azimaee, J. Charles Victor, Marian Vermeulen, Mark Smith
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Internal and External Data Linkage of Complex Relational Database: Results from CorHealth Ontario

Jiming Fang, Feng Qiu, Xuesong Wang, Hadas Fischer, Jack Tu
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Interaction between mother’s age and schooling at birth on under-five mortality

Fernanda Aguiar, Patricia Guimarães, Luis Carlos Guillen, Kenneth Camargo, Rejane Sobrino
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Repeat pregnancy during adolescence and educational level in Brazil.

Juliana Domenico, Patricia Guimarães, Luis Carlos Guillen, Kenneth Camargo, Rejane Sobrino, Claudia Coeli
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

The Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium (CANUE): a national data linkage initiative

Dany Doiron, Eleanor Setton, Evan Seed, Mahdi Shooshtari, Jeffrey Brook
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Patient-Reported Outcomes Improves the Prediction of In-patient and Emergency Department Readmission Risks in Coronary Artery Disease

Danielle Southern, Colleen Norris, Hude Quan, Maria Santana, Matthew James, Stephen Wilton, Oluwaseyi Lawal, Zhiyang Liang, Oluwagbohunmi Awosoga, Michelle Graham, William Ghali, Merril Knudtson, Tolu Sajobi
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Early Childhood Respiratory Morbidity and Health Services Utilization in Children Born Preterm or Small and Large for Gestational Age

Jesus Serrano-Lomelin, Radha Chari, Anne Hicks, David Johnson, Susan Crawford, Jeff Bakal, Alvaro Osornio-Vargas, Maria Ospina
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Social Class and Hospitalization in Canada

Jenny Godley, Karen Tang, William Ghali
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Use of cross-sectoral data linkage to predict high-rate offenders in Western Australia

Anna Ferrante, Sean Randall, James Boyd, Hilde Tubex, Frank Morgan
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Synthetic data generator for testing record linkage routines in Brazil.

Vitor Trentin, Valeria Bastos, Myrian Costa, Kenneth Camargo, Rejane Sobrino, Luis Carlos Guillen, Claudia Coeli
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Extracting Family Connections from Administrative Data

Stacy Ann Vasquez, Miro Palfy, Alexandre Franco Garcia
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Evaluating hardening techniques against cryptanalysis attacks on Bloom filter encodings for record linkage

Thilina Ranbaduge, Anushka Vidanage, Sirintra Vaiwsri, Rainer Schnell, Peter Christen, Peter Christen
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

ICD coding training worldwide

Lucia Otero Varela, Catherine Eastwood, Pallavi Mathur, Hude Quan
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

A Large Linked Study to Evaluate the Future Burden of Cancer in Australia Attributable to Current Modifiable Behaviours

Maarit A Laaksonen, Maria E Arriaga, Karen Canfell, Robert MacInnis, Peter Hull, Emily Banks, Graham G Giles, Paul Mitchell, Robert G Cumming, Julie E Byles, Dianna J Magliano, Jonathan Shaw, Anne Taylor, Tiffany K Gill, Vasant Hirani, Julie Marker, Susan McCullough, Louiza S Velentzis, Barbara-Ann Adelstein
Published online: Aug 28, 2018

Unconsented linkage between dormant trials and administrative data: practical and regulatory implications

Maximiliane Verfuerden, Mary Fewtrell, Kathy Kennedy, Alan Lucas, John Jerrim, Katie Harron, Ruth Gilbert
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Needs and priority areas for building capacity for working with linked data in the Australian pharmacoepidemiology workforce

Derrick Lopez, Benjamin Daniels, Frank Sanfilippo, Sallie Pearson, Angelita Martini, David B Preen
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Challenges and Facilitating Factors in Accessing Administrative Data for Research: Insights from the Children's Health Profile and Trajectory Initiative in NB and PEI

Sarah Sparks, Carole Tranchant, Patricia Malinski, William Montelpare, Mathieu Bélanger, Baukje Miedema, Danielle Bouchard, Martin Sénéchal, Caroline Jose, Ed Barre, Misty Rossiter, Janet Bryanton, Margaret Holland, Ted McDonald
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Lessons from the past: A window on the future

Alan Katz, Marni Brownell, Mark Smith
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

International Comparison of Approaches to Common Data Models for Comparative Effectiveness Research

Adrian Levy, Robert Platt, Soko Setoguchi, Jeffrey Brown, Michael Paterson
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Linkage of whole genome sequencing with administrative health, and electronic medical record data for the study of autism spectrum disorder: Feasibility, Opportunities and Challenges

Jennifer Brooks, Evdokia Anagnostou, Farah Rahman, Karen Tu, Lavnaya Uruthiramoorthy, Kirk Nylen, John McLaughlin, Michael Schull, Susan Bronskill
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Extracting primary care records for prostate cancer patients in the CHHiP multicentre randomised control trial: A healthcare data linkage study

Agnieszka Lemanska, Rachel C Byford, Clare Cruickshank, David P Dearnaley, Filipa Ferreira, Clare Griffin, Emma Hall, William Hinton, Simon de Lusignan, Julian Sherlock, Keeley Tomkinson, Jeremy van Vlymen, Sara Faithfull
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Facilitating Patient Recruitment Process for Research

Bing Li, Braden Manns, Jim Raso, Terry Saunders, Jeff Bakal
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Data Linkages to Study Pharmaceutical Health Services Delivery: Three Applied Examples

Karin Johnson, Lanlan Xu, Zippora Kiptanui, Christine Gill, Corey Triebwasser, Danielle Emery, Evan Perlman, Ilene Harris
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Validating epilepsy diagnoses in routinely collected data

Beata Fonferko-Shadrach, Arron Lacey, Owen Pickrell, Mark Rees, Ronan Lyons, Inder Sawhney, Cathy White, Robert Powell, Phillip Smith, Michael Kerr
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Ligo: An Open Source Application for the Management and Execution of Administrative Data Linkage

Greg Lawrance, Raphael Parra Hernandez, Khalegh Mamakani, Suraiya Khan, Brent Hills, Harold Yip, Caelan Marrville
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Harmonising data from different sources to conduct research using linked survey and routine datasets

Amrita Bandyopadhyay, Karen Tingay, Mario Cortina Borja, Lucy Griffiths, Ashley Akbari, Helen Bedford, Sinead Brophy, Suzanne Walton, Carol Dezateux, Ronan Lyons
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

The Effect of Medication Adherence on the Disease Course in Pregnant Women with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Sangmin (Sarah) Lee, Cynthia Seow, Kamala Adhikari Dahal, Amy Metcalfe
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Approaches to big data analysis of interface pressure measurements from continuous pressure imaging technology

Mingkai Peng, Wrechelle Ocampo, Danielle Southern, Barry Baylis, David Hogan, John Conly, Thomas Stelfox, Jaime Kaufman, William Ghali, Chester Ho
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

The Ontario Data Safe Haven: Bringing High Performance Computing to Population-wide Data Assets

J. Charles Victor, P. Alison Paprica, Michael Brudno, Carl Virtanen, Walter Wodchis, Anna Goldenberg, Michael Schull
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Provincial Data-linkage to Address Complex Policy Challenges

Jeremy Coad, Caelan Marrville, Dan MacKenzie, Lori Henderson, Naomi Pope, Brett Wilmer, Martin Monkman, Lindsay Bisschop, Gordon Black, Mahi Boozarjomehri, Chelsea Chalifour, Sarah Fraser, Julie Hawkins, Cheryl McLay, Raphael Parra Hernandez, Amy Wongkanlayanush, Dennis Zakopcan
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Intergenerational teen pregnancy: a population based cohort study

Ning Liu, Simone Vigod, Michèle Farrugia, Marcelo Urquia, Joel Ray
Published online: Aug 29, 2018

Exploring Alternative Designs using ‘Big’ Administrative Data

Leslie Roos, Elizabeth Wall-Wieler, Mahmoud Torabi
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

What makes great data documentation?

Mark Smith, Mahmoud Azimaee
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Learning Unsupervised Representations from Biomedical Text

Christopher Meaney, Karen Tu, Liisa Jaakkimainen, Michael Escobar, Frank Rudzicz, Jessica Widdifield
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Using Biomedical Text as Data and Representation Learning for Identifying Patients with an Osteoarthritis Phenotype in the Electronic Medical Record

Christopher Meaney, Jessica Widdifield, Liisa Jaakkimainen, Michael Escobar, Frank Rudzicz, Karen Tu
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Linking population-based survey and cancer registry data to examine the association between behaviours consistent with cancer prevention recommendations and cancer risk in Ontario

Stephanie Young, Ying Wang, Mohammad Haque, Julie Klein-Geltink, Elisa Candido, Beatrice Boucher, Shelley Harris, Alice Peter, Michelle Cotterchio
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Adherence to Follow-up Care Guidelines for Breast Cancer Survivors in four Canadian provinces: a CanIMPACT study

Mary McBride, Patti Groome, Li Jiang, Marlo Whitehead, Dongdong Li, Kathleen Decker, Cynthia Kendell, Marcy Winget, Donna Turner, Robin Urquhart, Eva Grunfeld
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Adherence to Breast Cancer Follow-up Care Guidelines for Vulnerable Populations in four Canadian provinces: a CanIMPACT study

Mary McBride, Patti Groome, Li Jiang, Marlo Whitehead, Dongdong Li, Kathleen Decker, Cynthia Kendell, Marcy Winget, Donna Turner, Robin Urquhart, Eva Grunfeld
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Linking lab, program, and administrative data to provide comprehensive colorectal cancer screening status of patients to primary care providers in Calgary, Alberta

Jessica Law, Jeannine Viczko, Robert Hilsden, Emily McKenzie, Mark Watt, Melissa Potestio, S Elizabeth McGregor
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Maternal assault admissions are associated with increased risk of child protection involvement

Carol Orr, David B Preen, Rebecca Glauert, Melissa O'Donnell, Colleen Fisher, Scott Sims
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Combining Artificial Neural Networks, Routine Health Records and Suicide Risk Estimation

Marcos del Pozo Banos, Carlos M Travieso, Kate Loxton, Nicolai Petkov, Damon Berridge, Keith Lloyd, Caroline Jones, Sarah Spencer, Ann John
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

What is an admission? A standardised approach to classifying inpatient episode data from multiple jurisdictions

Daniel Thayer, Sarah Rees, Ashley Akbari, Huw Collins, Amanda Marchant, Ting Wang, Sophie Wood, Ann John
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Getting animated about routine data: co-producing a video and toolkit with young families

Fiona Lugg-Widger, Jeremy Segrott, Peter Gee, Joyce Kenkre, Mike Robling
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Evaluating the implementation of the Inverse Care Law Programme in Wales, a population based intervention in primary care

Ashley Akbari, Jiao Song, Caryn Cox, Leon May, Williams Watkins, Sarah Thomas, Sarah Aitken, William King
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Validation of Acute Kidney Injury e-alert system in Wales

Gareth Davies, Timothy Scale, Ashley Akbari, James Chess, Ronan Lyons
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Postpartum Hemorrhage: Differences in Definition, Data and Incidence

Diana Walther, Patricia Halfon, David Desseauve, Yvan Vial, Bernard Burnand, Marie Annick Le Pogam
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

High quality linked data for stroke obtained using non-government clinical registry and routinely collected hospital and death data

Monique Kilkenny, Joosup Kim, Nadine Andrew, Vijaya Sundararajan, Amanda Thrift, Judith Katzenellenbogen, Felicity Flack, Melina Gattellari, James Boyd, Phil Anderson, Natasha Lannin, Mark Sipthorp, Ying Chen, Trisha Johnston
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Using family physician Electronic Medical Record data to measure the pathways of cancer care

Liisa Jaakkimainen, Noah Crampton, V. Bogdan Pinzaru, Lisa DelGiudice, Karen Tu
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

The impact of primary care management and comorbidities of COPD on length of hospital stay

Kendal Smith, Mohammad Al Sallakh, Ashley Akbari, Gwyneth Davies
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Distributed team health data science in risk of non-Vitamin K Oral Anticoagulant after Intracranial Haemorrhage

Jiao Song, Elizabeth Elliot, Andrew Morris, Joannes Kerssens, Ashley Akbari, Simon Thompson, Ronan Lyons
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

A Regional Collaboration of Health (ARCH): Using health survey and linked routine data to understand wellbeing

Fatemeh Torabi, Ashley Akbari, Jane Lyons, Mathilde Castagnet, Ronan Lyons
Published online: Aug 30, 2018

Characteristics of Opioid-Related Deaths in Ontario, Canada: Leveraging the Drug and Drug/Alcohol Related Death (DDARD) Database

Samantha Singh, Diana Martins, Wayne Khuu, Mina Tadrous, Tara Gomes, David Juurlink
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Comparison of Health Behaviour Mortality Hazards in Canada and the United States

Stacey Fisher, Carol Bennett, Deirdre Hennessy, Philippe Fines, Mahsa Jessri, Anan Bader Eddeen, Claudia Sanmartin, Doug Manuel
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Educational outcomes of children with cerebral palsy

Hywel Jones, Bethan Carter, Jackie Bethan, Huw Collins, Ting Wang, Sarah Rees, Alison Kemp, Shantini Paranjothy
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Primary, secondary care and mortality data-linked to identify the prevalence of cerebral palsy in children and young people

Bethan Carter, Hywel Jones, Jackie Bethell, Ting Wang, Sarah Rees, Alison Kemp, Shantini Paranjothy
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Identifying all persons in Wales with type 1 diabetes mellitus using routinely collected linked data

James Rafferty, Ashley Akbari, Mark D Atkinson, Stephen Bain, Stephen Luzio, Jeffery Stephens, David Owens, Rebecca Thomas
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

A Data Science Approach to Predictive Analytic Research and Knowledge Translation

Stacey Fisher, Robert Talarico, Yulric Sequeira, Carol Bennett, Sarah Spruin, Amy Hsu, Peter Tanuseputro, Doug Manuel
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

International Comparison in Opiate Prescribing for New Users in Primary Care using Electronic Medical Record Data

Robyn Tamblyn, Nadyne Girard, Bettina Habib, William Dixon, Meghna Jani, David Bates, Jennifer Haas
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Stroke prevention: Evaluation of the use of anticoagulation in the population with known Atrial Fibrillation

Fatemeh Torabi, Ashley Akbari, Dan Harris, Julian Halcox, Andrew Haxton, Navjot Kalra, Ronan Lyons
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Defining a GP consultation

Fiona Lugg-Widger, Hywel Jones, Lianna Angel, Rebecca Cannings-John, Mandy Lau, Kathryn Hughes
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Development of a frailty score based on hospital discharge data linked to cohort data

Marie Annick Le Pogam, Bastien Trächsel, Laurence Seematter, Valentin Rousson, Bernard Burnand, Brigitte Santos-Eggimann
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Cognitive development Respiratory Tract Illness and Effects of eXposure (CORTEX) project: Combining high spatial resolution pollution measurements with individual level data, a methodological approach.

Sarah Rodgers, Jane Lyons, Amy Mizen, Damon Berridge, Ashley Akbari, David Carruthers, Gwyneth Davies, Lorraine Dearden, Ruth Doherty, Iain Lake, Anna Mavrogianni, Ai Milojevic, Sarah Strickland, Paul Wilkinson
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Secondary care provision for children and young people with Cerebral palsy: A data-linkage study

Bethan Carter, Hywel Jones, Jackie Bethell, Alison Kemp, Ting Wang, Oliver Perra
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Using Administrative Health Data to Define a Cohort of Youth Affected by Chronic Health Conditions: Preparing for Cross-Sectoral Data Linkage

Kyleigh Schraeder, Olesya Barrett, Alberto Nettel-Aguirre, Gina Dimitropoulos, Andrew Mackie, Susan Samuel
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Trends in Socioeconomic Inequalities in Ischemic Heart Disease, 2000-2012

Brendan Smith, Chantel Ramraj, Peter Smith, Hong Chen, Jack Tu, Heather Manson, Laura Rosella
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Validating coding for a chronic condition (Cerebral Palsy) in routinely collected hospital admissions data

Bethan Carter, Hywel Jones, Jackie Bethell, Alison Kemp, Ting Wang
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Developing trauma mortality prediction models to measure injury severity

Angharad Walters, Alan Cook, Belinda Gabbe, Ronan Lyons
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Developing a Primary Care EMR-based Frailty Definition using Machine Learning

Sylvia Aponte-Hao, Bria Mele, Dave Jackson, Alan Katz, Charles Leduc, Brendan Lethebe, Sabrina Wong, Tyler Williamson
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Cross-Sectoral Data Linkage: Tracking Mental Health Service Utilization from Childhood into Adulthood

Kyleigh Schraeder, John Cairney, Jeffrey Carter, Evelyn Vingilis, Richard Neufeld, Melanie Barwick, Paul Kurdyak, Juliana Tobon
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Correspondence between self reported and GP coded alcohol consumption

Giles Greene, Lazlo Trefan, Daniel Farewell, Shantini Paranjothy, Ashley Akbari, David Fone
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Ontario’s stroke report cards: Cross-continuum data linkage allows evaluation of system of care

Ruth Hall, Ferhana Khan, Jen Levi, Huiting Ma, Cally Martin, Cheryl Moher, Linda Kelloway, Elizabeth Linkewich, Mark Bayley
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Population-based analysis of the effect of a comprehensive, systematic change in an emergency medical service resource allocation plan on 24 hour mortality

John Tallon, Julie Wei, Lu Zheng, Ognjenka Djurdjev, George Papadopoulos, Randy Slemko, William Dick
Published online: Aug 31, 2018

Spatial epidemiology of premature mortality in Ontario, Canada

Emmalin Buajitti, Tristan Watson, Todd Norwood, Laura Rosella
Published online: Sep 3, 2018

Intellectual Disability in Children with Congenital Heart Defects in Western Australia

Wendy Nembhard, Chunqiao Luo, Helen Leonard, Jenny Bourke, Carol Bower
Published online: Sep 3, 2018

Lessons learned: Linking patient-reported outcomes data with administrative databases

Laura Davis, Alyson Mahar, Lev Bubis, Qing Li, Haoyu Zhao, Lesley Moody, Rinku Sutradhar, Lisa Barbera, Natalie Coburn
Published online: Sep 3, 2018

Establishing the Occupational Disease Surveillance System (ODSS) for Ontario: a linkage of administrative data

Jill MacLeod, Chloe Logar-Henderson, Chris McLeod, Alice Peter, Paul A Demers
Published online: Sep 3, 2018

Can Linked Electronic Medical Record and Administrative Data Help Us Identify Those Living With Frailty?

Sabrina Wong, Alan Katz, Tyler Williamson, Sandra Peterson, Carole Taylor, Kim McGrail
Published online: Sep 3, 2018

Designing and Implementing a Privacy Preserving Record Linkage Protocol

Tom Gee, Brendan Behan, Shannon Lefaivre, Mahmoud Azimaee, Moyez Dharsee, Khaled El Emam, Julie Yang, Anthony Vaccarino, Kenneth Evans, J. Charles Victor, Elizabeth Theriault
Published online: Sep 3, 2018

Identification of Frailty using EMR and Admin data: A complex issue

Alan Katz, Sabrina Wong, Tyler Williamson, Carole Taylor, Sandra Peterson
Published online: Sep 3, 2018

Use of linked data to assess the impact of out-of-hospital deaths on 30-day mortality indicators

Mingyang (Xiaoqiang) Li, Jing Gu, Ling Yin, Mahbubul Hu, Yana Gurevich
Published online: Sep 3, 2018

Establishing an International Data Linkage Repository Workgroup Toward a Benchmarking Repository

Hye-Chung Kum, Susan Leonard, Özgür Akgün, Trent Alexander, Luiza Antonie, Margaret Levenstein, Amy O'Hara
Published online: Sep 3, 2018

Secure data analysis environments: can we agree on criteria for “Appropriate secure access” to linked health data?

Louisa R Jorm, Kim McGrail, J. Charles Victor, Kerina Jones, David Ford, Timothy Churches
Published online: Sep 3, 2018

International Consensus Statement on Public Involvement and Engagement with Data-Intensive Health Research

Mhairi Aitken, Mary Tully, Carol Porteous, Sarah Cunningham-Burley
Published online: Sep 3, 2018

Development of an automated system for clinical study recruitment

Erik Youngson, Jeff Bakal, Tihomir Curic, Esther Ekpe Adewuyi, Neesh Pannu
Published online: Sep 3, 2018

Machine learning: how much does it improve the prediction of unplanned hospital admissions?

Colin Weaver, Kerry McBrien, Tolu Sajobi, Paul E Ronksley, Brendan Lethebe, Tyler Williamson
Published online: Sep 3, 2018

Evaluation of interventions to improve inpatient hospital documentation within electronic health records: A Systematic Review

Natalie Wiebe, Lucia Otero Varela, Daniel Niven, Paul E Ronksley, Nicolas Iraggori, Helen Lee Robertson, Hude Quan
Published online: Sep 4, 2018

Patient-Physician Relational Continuity and Health System Utilization Among Albertans

Tanmay Patil, Rizwan Shahid, Alka Patel, Scott Oddie
Published online: Sep 4, 2018

Patterns of pharmacotherapies used to treat alcohol use disorders: A population-based administrative data study

Nathan Nickel, Christine Leong, Heather Prior, Geoffrey Konrad, James Bolton, Leonard MacWilliam, Okechukwu Ekuma, Michael Paille, Jeff Valdivia
Published online: Sep 4, 2018

Differential spatial distribution of hepatitis B virus by ethnicity in British Columbia, Canada: Expanded role of a large administrative cohort

Zahid Butt, Naveed Janjua, Stanley Wong, Amanda Yu, Maria Alvarez, Nuria Chapinal, Jason Wong, Mawuena Binka, Jane Buxton, Mark Gilbert, Maryam Darvishian, Carmine Rossi, Mel Krajden
Published online: Sep 4, 2018

Education Outcomes Associated with Full Day Kindergarten Among First Nations Children: A retrospective administrative database cohort study

Nathan Nickel, Marni Brownell, Carole Taylor, Joykrishna Sarkar, Mariette Chartier, Elaine Burland, Jennifer Enns
Published online: Sep 4, 2018

Linkage of Chronic Disease Data from Provincial Sources for Strategic Decision Support and Population Health Surveillance in British Columbia (BC)

Drona Rasali, Ognjenka Djurdjev, Crystal Li, Edward Ord, Carol Laberge, Ryan Woods, Spinelli John, Lilian Ding, Xibiao Ye, Kate Smolina, Alberto Almeida
Published online: Sep 4, 2018

Through the legal maze: An Act Respecting Research

Ted McDonald, Patricia MacKenzie, Krista Barry
Published online: Sep 4, 2018

Cecilia: an R package to automate data cleaning of administrative datasets

Alexandre Franco Garcia, Miro Palfy, Stacy Ann Vasquez
Published online: Sep 4, 2018

Prenatal exposure to the 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccine on health outcomes in children

Jessy Donelle, Laura Walsh, Kumanan Wilson, Jeff Kwong, Steven Hawken, Deshayne Fell
Published online: Sep 4, 2018

Regular General Practitioner contact - analysis of methods for measurement using administrative data

David Youens, Rachael Moorin, David B Preen, Mark Harris, Suzanne Robinson
Published online: Sep 4, 2018

International meta-analysis of 684,660 men with vasectomies: a study utilising the International Population Data Linkage Network

Sean Randall, James Boyd, Emma Fuller, Caroline Brooks, Carole Morris, Craig Earle, Anna Ferrante, Rachael Moorin, James Semmens, D'Arcy Holman
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Reducing bias in multivariate analyses due to the modifiable areal unit problem.

Matthew Tuson, Mei Ruu Kok, Matthew Yap, Alistair Vickery, Bryan Boruff, Kevin Murray, Berwin Turlach, David Whyatt
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Evolving population data linkage services to transform large-scale biobanking services

Katie Irvine, Vivienna Ong, Simon Cooper, Sarah Thackway
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Reconciling Parent-Child Relationships across US Administrative Datasets

Amy O'Hara, Katie Genadek, Carla Medalia, Trent Alexander
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Describing hospital utilisation and associated factors following stroke using linked clinical registry and hospital administrative data.

Nadine Andrew, Monique Kilkenny, Vijaya Sundararajan, Joosup Kim, Amanda Thrift, Trisha Johnston, Rohan Grimley, Melina Gattellari, Judith Katzenellenbogen, Natasha Lannin, James Boyd, Felicity Flack, Ying Chen, Dominique Cadilhac
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Population Analysis of the Settlement Movement in Western Canada

Luiza Antonie, Peter Baskerville, Gary Grewal, Benjamin Turcotte
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Multi-province epidemiological research using administrative data in Canada: Challenges and opportunities

Amanda Butler, Mark Smith, Wayne Jones, Carol Adair, Simone Vigod, Paul Kurdyak
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Harmonization of data from cohort studies– potential challenges and opportunities

Kamala Adhikari Dahal, Scott Patten, Tyler Williamson, Alka Patel, Shahirose Premji, Suzanne Tough, Nicole Letourneau, Gerald Giesbrecht
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

People with mild cognitive impairment are at increased risk of serious injury

Lara Harvey, Barbara Toson, Henry Brodaty, Brian Draper, Nicole Kochan, Perminder Sachdev, Rebecca Mitchell, Jacqueline Close
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Evaluation of the Western Australian population based data linkage Intellectual Disability Exploring Answers (IDEA) surveillance system

Natalie Strobel, Jenny Bourke, Helen Leonard, Alice Richardson, Karen Edmond, Dan McAullay
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Leveraging best practices in data governance: An organization-wide data inventory and mapping project to support a five year data strategy

Joseph Travers, Crystal Campitelli, Richard Light, Eric de Sa, Julie Stabile, Karey Iron
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Emergency Department Use in Patients with Cancer: A Population-Based Study

Grace Wang, Jeff Bakal, Andrew McRae, Harvey Quon
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Linking surveillance and administrative data to better understand dementia’s impact in Canada

Tracy Johnson, Liudmila Husak, Catherine Pelletier, Sharon Bartholomew
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Improving the Measurement of Health System Performance across the Rural-Urban Continuum

Naushaba Degani, Sharon Gushue, Alex Yurkiewich, Emmalin Buajitti, Matthew Kumar, Michael Campitelli, Laura Rosella
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Do callers of young children with fever follow the self-care recommendations given by a nursing triage line?

Sofiya Manji, Charlene Garner, Delores Steinlicht, Sarah Edwards, Sheila McDonald
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Ensemble-based Classification Models for Predicting Post-Operative Mortality Risk in Coronary Artery Disease

Anita Brobbey, Peter Faris, Alberto Nettel-Aguirre, Tyler Williamson, Samuel Wiebe, Mingkai Peng, Hude Quan, Tolulope T Sajobi
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Integrating population-wide laboratory testing data with physician audit-and-feedback reports to improve glycemic and cholesterol control among Ontarians with diabetes

Michael Campitelli, Michael Paterson, Mahmoud Azimaee, Anna Greenberg, P. Alison Paprica, Michael Schull, J. Charles Victor, Matthew Kumar, Baiju Shah, Jack Tu, Rick Glazier
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Can mental health related hospital visits be relied upon for suicide prevention?

Kerstina Boctor, Douglas Harder, Liz Letwiniuk, Gene Marcoux, Kristi Langhorst, Roxanne Inch, Candace Lapointe, Lloyd Balbuena
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Training Coding Specialists for the Future: Methods and Materials for the Beta Version of ICD-11

Catherine Eastwood, Danielle Southern, Alicia Boxill, Malgorzata Maciszewski, Hude Quan, Denise Cullen, Margaret Penchoff, William Ghali
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Using linked data to evaluate enhanced primary care policies for chronic diseases using stroke as a case study

Nadine Andrew, Joosup Kim, Dominique Cadilhac, Vijaya Sundararajan, Amanda Thrift
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Effect of the Look-back period for the estimation of the incidence rates using administrative data

Mira Kim, Kyung-Hee Chae, Chai Young Jung, Youn-Jee Chung, Minkyoung Lee, Hyun-Kyung Kim, Hye-Jin Hwang, Hyun-Hee Choi, Mee-Ran Kim, Sukil Kim
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Partial Agreements in Probabilistic Linkages

Adrian Brown, Sean Randall, Anna Ferrante, James Boyd
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Public Cloud: The Future of Record Linkage?

Adrian Brown, Sean Randall, Anna Ferrante, James Boyd
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Linking Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Data to Provincial Hospital Records: A Descriptive Study of Patient and Facility-level Characteristics

Seungwon Lee, Paul E Ronksley, Stephanie Garies, Hude Quan, Peter Faris, Bing Li, Elizabeth Henderson
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

An effective privacy enhanced interface to support record linkage decisions

Hye-Chung Kum, Gurudev Ilangovan, Qinbo Li, Yumei Li, Eric Ragan
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Poor birth outcomes among Aboriginal Western Australians and smoking, alcohol and substance misuse, and assault

Alison Gibberd, Judy Simpson, Jocelyn Jones, Robyn Williams, Fiona Stanley, Sandra Eades
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Code List Library: A Solution to Improve Research Repeatability, Transparency, and Efficiency by Curating Lists of Clinical Codes

Daniel Thayer, David Bown, Thomas Leake, Jonathan-Lee Jones, Richard Noyce, Caroline Brooks, David Ford
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Association between antibiotic prescribing and deprivation in Wales: A multilevel analysis

Victor Adekanmbi, Ann Smith, Daniel Farewell, Hywel Jones, Shantini Paranjothy, Phil Routledge, Nicholas Francis
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Neighbourhood built environments as correlates of hospital burden and premature mortality in Canada

Sarah M Mah, Claudia Sanmartin, Mylène Riva, Kaberi Dasgupta, Nancy Ross
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Premature Mortality among People with Severe Mental Illness – New Evidence from Linked Primary Care Data

Sze Chim Lee, Ann John, Joanna McGregor, Ian Jones, James Walters, Michael Owen, Michael O‘Donovan, Marcos del Pozo Banos, Damon Berridge, Keith Lloyd
Published online: Sep 5, 2018

Deaths in young people after contact with the youth justice system: a retrospective data linkage study

Stuart Kinner, Holly Tibble, Katie Hail-Jares, Rohan Borschmann, Matthew Spittal, Alan Clough, Susan Sawyer, Adrian Miller, Yvonne Cadet-James
Published online: Sep 5, 2018